How the cost of Re-Bath bathroom remodels compares to competitors

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How the cost of Re-Bath bathroom remodels compares to competitors

How the cost of Re-Bath bathroom remodels compares to competitors

Boost your remodeling business profits with Re-Bath’s high-quality, lower-cost products and efficient installation procedures

Keeping costs down is important for both our franchise owners and their clients. Learn how our products and installation procedures can help you keep costs down without sacrificing quality or profit margins.

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Re-Bath franchisees can keep costs down without sacrificing product or service quality.

Effective targeting of a lucrative market segment

Our average contract size has gone up over the years. Where once the average size was around $7,500, we routinely see them reach $10,000 to $12,000. We’ve effectively targeted the middle- and upper middle-class segments of the market, people who are looking to keep costs down but still want to go above and beyond the basics on the remodel.

The average bathroom remodel cost $11,364 in 2016, right in line with what we target. We stand out by offering a higher-quality product and much more efficient installation, giving our franchise owners a major competitive advantage in that price point.

Higher standards at lower costs

Some people are solely focused on driving costs down, with little regard to quality. A race to the bottom doesn’t serve anyone well, with clients receiving lower-quality products and contractors competing for jobs with ever-shrinking margins. At Re-Bath, we work hard to provide the best of both worlds, with innovative, proprietary products that can add an upscale feel to any client’s bathroom remodel while keeping prices competitive.

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The advantages of a franchise make it easier for you to compete without having to wear away your profit margins.

Products like our DuraBath® Natural Stone use special manufacturing techniques that allow us to make them thinner, more flexible, easier to work with and much less costly than stone products usually are. This gives you a big differentiator in the market, offering a high-end product with all of the advantages and aesthetics of natural stone at a more moderate price.

Time is money

The most valuable resource any of us have is time, and we can help you spend yours more efficiently. The average full-bathroom remodel time for an independent contractor is 3-5 weeks. With Re-Bath, the average is 3-5 days, meaning you and your team have time to take on more clients.

That time is valuable to your clients as well, as it minimizes disruption in their lives and allows them to enjoy their fantastic new bathroom much more quickly. It contributes to client satisfaction, which encourages them to recommend you to family and friends, bringing more clients to you and building your business to new heights.

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