Expand Your Remodeling Business

Ready to become a Franchise Owner?

Ready to become a Franchise Owner?

A Proven Business Model

Are you a remodeling contractor looking for ways to grow your business?

Re-Bath’s proven business model can help you convert or expand your business into a successful bathroom remodeling company with the tools and support you need.

We understand that in order to be competitive in today’s home improvement industry we must provide innovative products and services to your customers.

Re-Bath is always researching new ways to help franchisees profit from trends and to meet individual market needs. All products and services are tested and proven before we roll it out to the network.

Brand Awareness

As a business owner, you already understand the challenges of developing brand awareness and generating steady lead flow. Joining Re-Bath automatically makes you part of a well-known national brand and a network of successful owners.

Building your client base is dependent on the trust of a brand-Re-Bath has built this trust. A large portion of budget is allocated to grow awareness and impact our brand reputation.

Effortless Remodeling Experience

As a Re-Bath owner, you’re offering your customers an effortless bathroom remodeling experience, from design to done! With our model customers enjoy:

• An in-home design consultation
• Proprietary products
• Nationally branded product partners
• Quality craftsmanship
• Installation by your own employees
• Finance options that make selling easy

Owner Benefits

Our proprietary model offers you:

• 20x the average revenues of a remodeling contractor
• Corporate support with every area of your business
• Significant cost savings on product purchases
• Streamlined system of operating that reduces stress and increases profits

Ready to become a Franchise Owner?