Why Re-Bath?

Ready to become a Franchise Owner?

Ready to become a Franchise Owner?

Who is Re-Bath?

Re-Bath’s humble origins began in 1978 as a bathtub liner outfit run by two college students serving the hospitality market. Significant investments in cutting-edge technology, expanded product offerings, and manufacturing capabilities led to substantial growth throughout the 80s and 90s. In 1991, Re-Bath turned its attention to providing products and solutions that would allow dealers to remodel entire bathrooms rather than just the tub and shower area, and broke into the international market, with its first Canadian dealership. Recognizing that nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, Re-Bath expanded its product catalog to cater to mature adults, offering aging-in-place solutions such as slip resistant technology and seamless safety upgrades.

Over the past 40 years, Re-Bath has grown into a trusted and respected brand known for providing expert, affordable, and effortless bathroom remodeling solutions that transform homeowner’s bathrooms in days, not weeks. With a spirit of innovation and the desire to offer an alternative to cover-up or overpriced remodeling for savvy homeowners, today Re-Bath is serving 100 cities and is one of the nation’s largest franchised bathroom remodeling businesses. Our franchisees are entrepreneurs, problem solvers, collaborators, innovative thinkers, and ambitious leaders. Sound like you?

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“I think the Re-Bath products are great. I think, you know obviously, in what we do it’s a little less about the product and a little more about the customer experience. But, if you were to have to narrow it down to just the product itself I mean I think that Re-Bath offers far and away the best product in terms of this type of application in the bathroom.”

Spencer Shaw, Spokane, WA and Meridian, ID

“I love what I do because I get to go out and help homeowners solve the problem in their bathroom. Whether it’s making it more functional, making it more beautiful, or updating the area. I actually get to go in there and help them. So it’s very easy to be passionate when I step inside that home confident in our system.”

Josh Agrelius, Austin, TX

“Re-Bath products, because of the market trends, I mean it’s been isolated to essentially wall systems presently. It’s the honest to god truth. So I really see the benefit of Re-Bath as creating a system for the market trends which is full bath remodeling and all the things that entails.”

Jeff Oslund, Troy, MI

“Interacting with other franchisees, it’s just like a friend. Out of franchisees, you find some that you really like, that you can interact with, and you talk to them. You pick up the phone, you call them, people share everything about how they have been successful. They’re your friends.”

Steve Zarndt, Decatur, IL

“It was a franchise that I thought I would be able to manage and grow. Over the past 8 years we have been able to do that. Almost tenfold actually. I would recommend anyone looking for a small business that they have a good network, a good support system in place.”

David Duke, Kentucky

“Well it’s certainly an advantage to have people that have experience in the business, that’s always a good thing. If you take advantage of that, most people are very willing to share whatever they have or whatever knowledge they have and so it’s a wonderful opportunity.”

Kurt Kittleson, Phoenix, AZ

Our History


Launched American Bath Tub Liners- “American Bathtub Liners” was launched to solve a problem for the hotel industry — how to affordably keep showers and tubs looking good for guests.


Re-Bath brand launches to serve homeowners through a dealer network


Purchased by investor groups Sorenson Capital and Webster Capital


Re-Bath converts from a hybrid dealer model to a full royalty reporting franchise system


DuraBath debuts new Natural Stone

Ready to become a Franchise Owner?