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  • Re-Bath News • June 15, 2020

    Lowe’s Home Services Joins Forces With Re-Bath

    America’s Largest Bathroom Remodeler and Premier Home Improvement Brand Have Joined Forces To Providing Quality Renovation Services Phoenix, Ariz. – At the beginning of the year,  Re-Bath, the nation’s premier bathroom remodeling company, entered into an agreement with Lowe’s to become a national Sell, Furnish and Install provider through the Lowe’s Home Services department. Lowe’s…

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  • Trained Re-bath seller exchanging tile samples to an elderly couple (man and woman) at their home at the couples' table.
    Industry News | Re-Bath News • May 27, 2020

    Re-Bath releases 2019 revenue figures, showing strong revenue growth

    Newly released Franchise Disclosure Document outlines the financial performance of franchisees. Re-Bath franchisees enjoyed strong sales growth in 2019, according to the newly released Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which provides details about the financial performance of franchisees. Franchisees with territories of 500,000 to 1.25 million people averaged $1.92 million in sales — an increase of…

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  • A before-and-after shows an example of a Re-Bath remodel. The “before” photo shows a 1970s style bathroom with a light blue jacuzzi tub, an accordian-style closet, and a shower stall shoved alongside the closet. There is also a turquoise sink and sink cabinet. The bathroom walls are also pink. The “after” photo shows a dark wood and room-length cabinet with double sinks. It has a light-colored stone countertop. The accordian closet has been replaced with open shelving, and the shower area has been updated with subway tile and a glass enclosure that begins about chest-high and extends above the shower head. The glass lets natural light into the shower and makes the bathroom feel much more open. The walls have been painted a subtle greenish-gray which complements the dark wood accents, providing a woodsy warmness to the modern design. The tile flooring has also been replaced — going from white tile to marble — and wood trim around windows has been stained a dark brown to match the new sink cabinet.
    Re-Bath News • December 10, 2019

    Warranty helps power Re-Bath sales

    Warranty helps franchisees win more customers, build strong word-of-mouth. As a business owner, not everything will go perfectly every single time. But good businesses do everything they can to make things right for their customers. And when customers know they can trust you to make things right, they reward you. Re-Bath’s warranties help power sales…

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  • Re-Bath News • May 7, 2019

    A 5-Year Plan for Selling Your Remodeling Business

    Use Re-Bath to grow revenue, grow margins, implement systems, leverage a brand name – and ultimately boost resale value.    For a successful independent remodeler, the idea of joining a franchise can seem insane. After all, if you’ve been a successful remodeler, why pay a 5% royalty to be a part of someone else’s brand?…

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  • Re-Bath CEO Brad Hiller
    Re-Bath News • November 13, 2018

    An Interview with Brad Hillier, Re-Bath CEO

    In an October 31 interview with Business News Daily, our CEO, Brad Hillier tells his story, touches on the skills he’s built to fit his role and discusses what it takes to lead. “‘You will never be successful, in my opinion, as a CEO if you don’t have a passion for your company and what…

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  • Re-Bath News • September 12, 2018

    Re-Bath Officially Re-Opened, Now Serving Greater Baton Rouge Community

    First Corporate Location Debuts and Secures Site for New Showroom. Re-Bath, the nation’s largest complete bathroom remodeling company, has officially reopened its business in the Baton Rouge community. Now corporately owned and operated, the one-stop-shop remodeler is celebrating the reopening with a  $750 discount off complete bathroom remodel projects. An official re-grand opening event will…

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  • Diverse group of 15 people smiling and putting all of their hands into a huddle.
    Re-Bath News • December 20, 2017

    Three Ways Strong Vendor Partnerships Set You Up for Success

    As a business owner, partnering with a franchisor is a big decision. For those in the home remodeling industry, it’s even more critical. The products and brands you’re able to offer potential customers can have a huge impact on your ability to promote and sell your remodeling services, and the quality of workmanship your clients…

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