About Re-Bath

A uniquely rewarding experience in the remodeling industry.

In an industry of independent home remodeling contractors, Re-Bath stands out as a unified, trusted national brand. Re-Bath is known for providing expert, affordable and effortless bathroom remodeling solutions that transform homeowners’ bathrooms in days, not weeks. We offer a spirit of innovation and an alternative to cover-up or overpriced remodeling for savvy homeowners.

How? By giving our franchisees everything they need to run a successful business and focusing on providing consistently exceptional customer service.

Customer Experience
  • One-stop shop for a new bathroom
  • Design, removal and installation
  • Hassle-free experience
  • Beautiful bathroom solutions
Franchisee Experience
  • Sales- and marketing-focused business model
  • Industry-leading startup training
  • Continued post-opening learning opportunities
  • Reliable product supply line and purchasing power
  • Exclusive business management software

Where we started and where we’re going.

Re-Bath was started in 1978 by two friends who found a bathtub liner product that was attractive and durable, making it perfect for the hospitality industry. After a few years of selling to some of the largest hotel chains in America, they changed their focus to the American home. Re-Bath initially grew through a dealership network before transitioning to a franchise model in 2013.

Today, we’re a renowned national bathroom remodeling brand aiming to change the home improvement industry with consistent, high-quality services and products as well as operational systems and support to help our franchisees thrive.

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