The Remodeling Process

You’re selling more than bathrooms. You’re selling satisfaction.

While you personally won’t be doing the installation – you have a crew for that – you do need to understand it in order to sell it. Our process checks all the boxes for an excellent customer experience. You sell a bathroom remodel experience that surpasses the expectations of your customers and delivers a beautiful end-product.

Your customers benefit from the opportunity to work with an experienced design consultant to plan the bathroom remodel of their dreams combined with experienced home improvement contractors who can typically complete installation in just 3-5 days!

Re-Bath owners have installed over a million bathrooms and have developed the most efficient bathroom remodeling sales and installation process that the competition can’t even dream of replicating. So not only do your customers get a custom-designed bathroom, but they also get it quickly with little disruption to their lives, especially when compared to the minimum of 2-3 weeks the competition needs.

How it all comes together.

We have preferred buyer status with home improvement and interior design suppliers who make the few pieces, like our fixtures, that we don’t manufacture ourselves. You only order what you need to fulfill the jobs you sell and we provide all the material. This means that you don’t have to maintain a huge warehouse and work within the limitations of what you can store. Your customers have access to a wider variety and everyone benefits from economies of scale.

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