Your Selling Advantage

Hands-on training puts you ahead of the pack.

Our sales process has been developed specifically for Re-Bath franchisees. Franchisees participate in a three-week training program at our headquarters to make sure your sales start strong – and stay that way. And, we’ll support you throughout your ownership experience with continued education in the most up-to-date sales techniques and best management practices to keep you at the top of your game.

Achieve higher close rates with our proprietary process.

According to an NAHB survey, the industry average close rate is around 20% – nowhere near what Re-Bath franchisees can do. We’ve found that if you trust our experience and follow the program, you’ll be able to close much more frequently than the standard. And because your team manages the installations and our network keeps your material costs low, our franchisees also see higher gross profit margins than is typical for the industry.

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Support goes beyond sales.

Our systems help simplify your ownership role.