Outside view of Re-Bath building

5 Reasons Why Re-Bath Remodeling Franchise is a Best-Bet Investment

Outside view of Re-Bath building

Why the world’s largest bathroom remodeling franchise is poised for rapid growth and a bright future

When Re-Bath introduced our now-legendary bathtub liners in 1979 to meet the hotel industry’s demand for fast, beautiful and affordable solutions to removing and replacing their bathtubs, the bathroom remodeling industry was created overnight. Since our founding, Re-Bath has remodeled millions of American bathrooms, and we are now the world’s largest bathroom remodeling franchise.

As one of the only name brands in an industry we largely invented, the Re-Bath bathroom remodeling franchise is ramping up for a nationwide expansion. With nearly 200 locations open or in development, here are five reasons the Re-Bath franchise opportunity is a best-bet investment in today’s marketplace.

The remodeling industry is booming

According to Buildzoom, a company that analyzes the industry, the overall American home remodeling market is worth an estimated $300 billion, and the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University expects the industry to hit record highs in 2015. Our own research suggests that the bathroom remodeling segment is worth an estimated $15 billion, and Re-Bath franchise owners are winning an outsized share of that market.

Re-Bath primarily competes with an estimated 90,000 small-time independent general contractors, who don’t have the name recognition, the tools, the corporate support, or the product offering to compete with us directly. With a tested business model and a first-rate executive team with decades of experience in growing franchise systems, the Re-Bath brand is poised for long-term growth and profitability for decades to come.

Re-Bath is a solid business

Being the world’s largest bathroom remodeling franchise in an industry that is largely composed of thousands of small-time independent general contractors has its advantages. This is best evidenced in how well our franchise are doing in comparison to their general contractor counterparts: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average general contractor brings in about $93,000 a year in revenues. The average Re-Bath franchisee brings in about $1.78 million annually in gross sales.

The big difference in our profitability is the result of our tested business model. We offer the industry’s best products, we stand behind the best warranties on our products and on our work, and we offer financing options to make it easier for our customers to pay for their dream bathrooms. We also get the job done faster than our competitors, who may take several weeks to complete a project. Re-Bath remodeling franchise workers can do a perfect job in just a few days, making it easy for them to move on to the next job and increasing the owner’s profitability.

Our relationship with Home Depot drives business

For millions of Americans, Home Depot is the go-to destination for home improvement and remodeling solutions, which is why we jumped at the chance to partner with the home improvement giant. Our bathroom remodeling franchise owners have kiosks in more than 900 Home Depot locations across the country, and the chain lends our franchisees instant credibility, which helps to drive a significant amount of business to our stores:

“The relationship that we have with Home Depot drives 40 percent of our business,” says Lori Lund, President of the Re-Bath full bathroom remodeling franchise location in Phoenix, Arizona. “Even if the leads weren’t generated from our kiosk in Home Depot, when our customers find out about our relationship, they trust us immediately to do their remodeling project. This relationship has made our location, which was already profitable, even more profitable.”

Re-Bath faces no competition in capturing the middle-class market

With the advent of our natural stone products, we are squarely targeting the middle and upper-middle class, capitalizing on our universally appealing product offering. Until the Re-Bath brand entered this space, this very large and lucrative segment of the population had been largely underserved by the bathroom remodeling industry.
“We’re a company that is more universal than niche,” says Curtis Ray, Director of Production for Re-Bath. “I analyze market trends on a daily basis. Our customer base is primarily those who are earning between $40,000 and $100,000 annually. I find products that are affordable and that also satisfy our customers’ desire to build their dream bathrooms. By offering a level of customizable products for both color and material, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the trends. The natural stone product gets us into a new market, and natural stone has been popular for 5,000 years. It will be popular for another 5,000 years.”

Re-Bath franchisees receive first-rate, ongoing support

Our franchisees benefit not only from our accessible corporate team, who make it a point to make frequent visits into the field, but also from the systems they have put in place to maximize our owners’ level of profitability in every aspect of their business — from setting realistic business goals, to winning business, to hiring skilled employees, to becoming experts in our products, to product installation, to buying additional products through other vendors and managing a Re-Bath kiosk in a Home Depot location.

“This is the most exciting time this company has had since our founding,” says Marty Rasmussen, President of Re-Bath. “We have greater resources and have invested substantially to make the support we extend to our franchisees second-to-none. There are no other national players in this market, and so our goals of capturing the middle-class and upper-middle-class market are entirely realistic. Re-Bath made a market in 1979, and we are going to make a market again — by being the first bathroom remodeling franchise to capture the middle-class market.”

From onboarding to the continued success of your business, no other franchise system can offer the level of training and ongoing support that Re-Bath extends to our bathroom remodeling franchise owners.

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