Re-Bath franchisee

Re-Bath Franchisee Shares Tips for Owning a Family Business

Re-Bath franchisee

Re-Bath franchisee Henry Wall (C) was recently recognized by our CEO Brad Hillier (L) and CRO Sharon Villegas (R)

Henry Wall owns four Re-Bath territories serving Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He runs the business alongside several family members and was recently featured on, sharing advice on running a family business. Here’s the advice he shared.

“After being in business with family for the past 12 years, owning and operating four Re-Bath franchise locations, I’ve seen firsthand the secrets to long-term success.”

He offers five tips:

  • A family business means everyone is the boss: FALSE. A clear delineation of roles is important. It’s one reason that being a family-owned franchise business can be a big advantage. With a defined business format, organization plan, and clear roles and responsibilities already in place, family members with requisite background and skills can slot right in.
  • A family business experiencing conflict signals its demise: FALSE. Healthy conflict is key. Issues naturally arise in any business, and successful businesses confront issues, listen carefully and evolve. The leader of the family business should have a conflict resolution mechanism agreed to and in place to break ties and ease potentially explosive family situations.
  • A family business means only family should work for the business: FALSE. Outside talent brings fresh ideas and perspectives that make your business stronger. This is another area where joining a franchise can be a big benefit. A large outside support network comes with the brand.
  • A family business is often full of drama and feelings getting hurt: FALSE. Communication, clear expectations, and weekly meetings make a huge difference. If you’re running your business based on key metrics and transparency, that helps minimize drama. And the interpersonal connections between family members can be a real strength. Just be sure to set aside some family bonding time outside of work.

Re-Bath is tailor-made for families to do business together.

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